NinjaTrader™ Platform

Energy Field Trading has developed its indicators for the NinjaTrader™ Platform, a FREE, powerful, and programmable trading platform. Learn more at

NinjaTrader™ 7 Required! Our indicators currently only support NinjaTrader 7. We are actively working on the NinjaTrader 8 versions, but NinjaTrader 8 is a big change to the indicator API and we are not done yet. In the mean time, you'll need NinjaTrader 7.

NinjaTrader™ 7 is still supported and available to download at NinjaTrader™ 7 and NinjaTrader™ 8 can be installed side-by-side without issue.
NinjaTrader™ Platform Screenshot


  • Advanced Charting
  • Trade Simulation
  • Strategy Backtesting
  • Real-Time Scanner
  • Market Playback
  • Custom C# NinjaScript Development


  • Free EOD historical data for stocks, futures and forex
  • Choice of market data feeds including Kinetick
  • 1000s of 3rd party add ons
  • Free product training webinars
  • Media rich Help Guide
  • Hundreds of educational videos
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